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in Downtown Lexington Since 1996...

Blenheim Ginger Ale is Back in Stock!!!

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USD to AUD (USDAUD=X)He leaves behind a legacy of "protecting the weak, challenging the strong, and being fair to all". His motto was, "Love to live, live to love, no regrets" He followed that each day and had the  ability to see the positive in each new challenge. His positive attitude will be missed by many and the world will be a lesser place without his presence in it. He will be missed by his family and friends. Please make a contribution to his fund. This is how Charles would want to be remembered.






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Rockbridge Area Free Clinic

Rockbridge Hospice

Boxerwood Gardens

WMRA Public Radio

Rockbridge Area Conservation Council

Lylburn Downing Middle School

Waddell Elementary School

Effinger Elementary School

Project Horizon

Rockbridge Food Co-op

Hull's Drive-In

Montessori Center for Children

Yellow Brick Road Pre-School

United Way of Lexington-Rockbridge County


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    My name is Charles Smith.  Back in July of 1996, a good friend and I decided to open Washington Street Purveyors to provide Lexington, Rockbridge County and the surrounding area  here in Southwest Virginia a source for a better selection of wines, gourmet foods, microbrews and imports, and cigars.  That's my wife and daughter in the photo.

       We personally evaluate nearly every product before we decide to carry it, whether its a new wine import or a local hot sauce.  Sometimes, we even go right to the source, meeting the winemaker, walking the vineyard, or the peanut grower and roaster.  The results are subtle but effective.  Learning more about our products from these suppliers allows you, the consumer, to make an informed decision about what to purchase.
    We know that there are about a million other e-tailers out there.  We prefer a different approach, a passive one.  If you've stumbled upon this site, please take a few moments to browse.  Enjoy your visit.  If you see something you like and have some questions or a special request, please give us a call.  If nothing gets your attention this time around, visit again sometime soon.  Inventory changes as the seasons;  new wine releases, new food products, etc.  Or leave your e-mail address to receive periodic updates.
    We hope you come away knowing a little more about something.  If not, please forward a message to the fact.

An explanation - our local phone number, 464-9463, spells GO-4-WINE.  However, is already registered.
And seeing as Washington Street Purveyors is based in Virginia, the "fer" fits,  but "goferwine" seems odd,
so we went with
(no affiliation with University of Minnesota).


Washington Street Purveyors
9 East Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450

Phone: 540.GO4.WINE (464.9463)
Toll-Free: 888-678-9463